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Skincare & Protection

ID Care Skincare And Protection

Individuals with incontinence are at risk of irritated skin and incontinence associated dermatitis, as urine and faeces can alter the skin’s PH. The skin can lose its natural barrier against infection. iD’s skincare range has been designed to keep your skin healthy and protected against irritation. Products in the range include cleansing products, barrier oil and wipes.

Cleansing products in the range are alternatives to water and soap, as traditional soap methods can be irritating for incontinence individuals. The Moisturising Cleansing Milk gently cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and fragranced.

For a foam product, you can try the iD Care Rinse Body Cleansing Foam. Containing calendula floral extracts, the foam leaves your skin in optimum condition.

The moisturised Care and Protect Wipes help to effectively nourish and clean the skin.

All products in the iD Skincare range are suitable for sensitive skin and leave your skin feeling soft and clean